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Kitchen Interior


Bathroom Shelves

Home Organizing

Rooms, garages, basements, attics, closets

Living Room Library


Clearing out clutter and cleaning up spaces

Personal Desk

Office Organizing

Office spaces and filing systems

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Moving Day

Overseeing move-ins and move-outs whether local or long distance

Sorting Images

Organizing Files

Creating new filing systems for papers and photographs

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Patty Hasson, Owner

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Interior Design

I struggled for years to get rid of the extra stuff around my home but couldn’t really stay focused enough to make a dent. Patty came to start the purging.  She was great. We worked together for 4 hours and made a huge dent in the area we tackled. Patty is warm, friendly and able to keep me focused to get the tasks done. When I got stuck Patty would put the item aside in a box to decide later. Patty worked very hard alongside me. She was a great encourager. I highly recommend Patty and her business.

Jeanne D.

Image by Anna Sullivan

Patty has been exactly what I needed to get my house organized.  She is very professional and a hard worker.  I recommend her for any organizational task.  My kitchen, attic, and master closet have never looked better. I cannot say enough good things about Yellow House Organizing.

Treva S.

Image by Anna Sullivan

Yellow House Organizing is amazing I have been working with Patty on decluttering and organizing my basement and closets and the results have been magical! With her support and guidance, we have accomplished so much and have had fun doing it. It is a treat working with Patty! 

Brucie H.

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