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I had never hired an organizer before Patty came over, and I saw and felt the value within a few minutes. She doesn't just help you create a plan and a system; she helps you create momentum as you go through stuff and make decisions. Let's face it, if it were easy to do it by yourself you would have done it already! Patty is entirely nonjudgmental and nothing phases her. Hire her! It's worth it.

Carolyn B.

Patty helped me tremendously after a big move into a new home. She was prompt and wasted no time getting to work in a space that was overwhelming me. Her thoughtful advice has stayed with me and I view my possessions differently now. She is a true professional and I can't recommend her services enough.

Pam B.

When I got Patty Hasson to help me, I watched and participated in organizing different areas of my house.    Patty has great skill in organizing things that should be together, IE baking items gathered in a drawer and cabinet right near the stove.  What a creative mind she has.  This has made working much more efficient and satisfying.   The thrift stores got carloads of boxes.

Betty Jo B.

Blakeley ML

Creating Peace of Mind

Yellow House Organizing provides high-quality professional organizing services to clients in the Central Vermont region and the Upper Valley.  We have the necessary skills and experience to oversee your next move or to create a more organized space in your current home or office.  Please reach out to learn more.

I cannot say enough good things about Patty Hasson of Yellow House Organizing.

I sold my large second home in the Upper Valley last summer and needed a lot of help to empty it out and find good homes for as many things as possible.   Patty and I worked together over a period of several months.  Initially, she helped me make a plan and think about how to categorize belongings into various groups, i.e., things to keep, give away, donate, sell, and trash.  Then we tackled each category – family and friends got to pick what they wanted first – Patty astutely suggested that I display things on the kitchen counters so that when friends came to visit, they could easily “shop” for items they might like without having to dig through cabinets and drawers. Patty also interacted with a variety of wonderful charitable organizations that accepted donations, knowing which organization would take sheets and which preferred dishes or books, and she carted those off herself, making me feel good that my discarded belongings would benefit others while sparing me the effort of making the arrangements.  She also connected me with a local online auction house that took a large number of art, craft and furniture items for sale.   In the end, I was left only with the things that I and my adult children were keeping – and then Patty facilitated my move by arranging a careful system of colored stickers to identify what was going where.

Moving is always a difficult and emotionally taxing process, but in this case, Patty’s unending good humor and patience, as well as her substantial organizational skills, insights and reliability, made the process as painless as it possibly could have been.  If you have any sort of organizational project that seems overwhelming, Patty will make it much easier!

Monica N.

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